"I felt at home the moment I set foot inside this gym.  If you are looking for a classic, mature, workout then this is your place.  You can find any equipment here that other gyms have, and then some.  What this gym has, that no other gym has, is Dmitri, the owner and primary trainer.  Dmitri is a world class athlete and fitness trainer, and a world champion kettlebell competitor.

For the past year I have been under Coach Dmitri's expert tutelage, mostly working on cardio.  Coach has done things with me that I would not have though possible one year ago.  Coach has a way of knowing exactly how far to push in order to get the very most out of me.  I love the feeling that I get when I walk out of this gym after a workout.  There is no better feeling.

 The atmosphere in this gym is like family.  Every time I come here, I know I am in for a terrific workout, but no matter how hard I am  training someone always provides a joke or a laugh.

I highly recommend the Russian Kettlebell Academy to anyone who is serious about their physical conditioning.
Jim McDowell
USMC Ret."

"...I believe being at this gym is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. It's been a great experience working every day with coach, he and his wife are great people to be around. Every day training with coach is a challenge. You not only tested physically, but mentally as well. You constantly pushed to the edge of what your capable of, only to consistently see improvements as time goes on. The more I train I find out things I didn't know I was capable of, and I've learned just how much I have it within myself. Overall, it's just been a very positive experience training at the gym.  So if you like me looking for more than just a way to lose weight but personal transformation as well, then this is the place for you..."

Michael F., E-3/ Navy/ Texas    February 2016

“I have worked with Coach & Elena since the summer of 2013. I started off working with him via his online/email training. I had very little experience with working with Kettlebells except for with the American style lifting. He worked with me daily and gave clear direction over email to ensure I was progressing in my fitness and weight loss goals safely. In the winter of 2013 I began working with him and Elena at the gym. The gym is well equipped with incredible variety of training tools . The amount of clientele is not overwhelming or intimidating; there are all types of people in various stages of training and with different fitness goals, but the groups are small enough that you get personal attention with your training. The gym feels like a family. A group of like minded people wishing to survive Coaches routines of horror. 

Coach will push you and call you out for slacking, like a Coach should. 
After about a year off from training, I'm back working with Coach via online training due to my busy work schedule of 60+ hours week. With that schedule I have still found time to train and have lost 15lbs in 3 weeks!
He will get you to your goal weather it's for fitness, weight loss, health or competition. He is by far the real deal and worth every bit of sweat and tears you put in to it! 

Kati Ivey




"Dmitri has given me the training I need to take my strength and conditioning to the next level. The workouts here are defiantly for those strong of will. You will be pushed to your limits. The atmosphere here reeks of sweat, hard work and determination. My job requires that I be in only the best of shape, and at USGSF, I've found the training. My physique has drastically changed since the short time I've been here. This place is for serious individuals only. Welcome to USGSF. Welcome to Russian Hell. "

                 1-20160729 103138  Andrew Volpe

"I'm 66 and even though I come from a very physically demanding work life, I had let my health and physical condition decline badly after I retired.  Pretty common with retirees.  Would start and stop workout routines at home and at local gyms but could never stick to them because I was no longer "required” to be at a high level of physical conditioning.  On a whim, I went with my grandson to this gym to check it out.  Dimitri (the owner) made it clear to me he knew what he was doing when it comes to physical "rehabilitation" (my term).  I signed up for coaching sessions that day in May.  I immediately realized I need someone to hold me accountable while restoring my health.  From the second session on, I hadn't felt so good literally in years.  I actually look forward to going to this gym because of how great I feel afterwards.  I walk more upright, feel stronger, breathe better, even my eyes seem to be clearer.  Dimitri DEFINITELY does know what he's doing.  He watches you closely and can tell just how much you can really do.  And it's surprising how much you really can do that you didn't think you could.  I strongly recommend this gym and committing to a contract with Dimitri.  It's worth every penny to have your own personal coach with such a vast knowledge of how to restore your health and fitness to you personally no matter what your current fitness level is.  This is just what you need if you really want to make a huge positive change in your life that you can literally feel." -  Mick Volpe


 " I began training at the Progressive Results gym under the tutelage of Dmitri about six months ago.  His instructional methods and ability to coach have helped me progress to levels of performance that I could not have done alone.  When Dmitri takes someone to instruct, he builds them from the ground up and takes pride in doing so.

His classes are for people who want to learn the actual sport of Girevoy and/or want to improve their conditioning.  A month ago, I became an instructor in the sport and I use the girya during morning pt at my unit to improve the fitness of the sailors I work with.

I would recommend Dmitri’s classes to anyone, regardless of fitness level or experience..." - Stephen Clogston, Maritime Enforcement Specialist Second Class, United States Coast Guard



 Student Endorsement

 image"I'm making this contribution because I believe in what Progressive Results is trying to achieve. It's unfortunate so many children are being deprived of physical education, sports and the fulfillment that comes with everyday exercise. Though I am unable to do much more than donate, because of my current situation, I will no doubt be looking to take part in the programs offered by Progressive Results when I return to the states, and help bring to the children in need what they so deserve" - Curtis Wells

alt  "As an Naval Officer, I see every day the sacrifices our soldiers, sailors and airmen make for our way of life. And, those who have fought overseas on our behalf deserve every last ounce of our support. I'm humbled to support Progressive Results and their incredible work!..." - Brent Godfrey, US NAVY


"On behalf of the Caragiannides family and Veterans United Home Loans of San Diego and
Veterans United Foundation we are thrilled to support and get behind Progressive Results.
Your mission and dedication to improving the wellness of children and veterans with physical
and mental disabilities as well as underprivileged children is unparalleled.
My family and Veterans United is committed to enhancing the lives of veterans and military
families nationwide by supporting nonprofit organizations that strengthen local communities
and honor the sacrifices of those who served. I’m proud to call you my coach and honored to
support your mission..." - Alex Caragiannides, Branch Manager/Team Leader

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